Laser Cut

High precision laser sheet and plate cutting.

This is one of the most accurate steel cutting processes that exists, it offers high precision and quality cutting. It also allows for cutting in both small and large pieces of steel.

Laser Cut Capacities



Length of Cutting Bed

10 feet

Width of Cutting Bed

5 feet

Minimum steel cutting thickness A36

C-30 (0.013”)

Maximum steel cutting thickness A36

3/4” Inches (0.750”)

Minimum stainless steel cutting thickness

C-24 (0.024)

Maximum stainless steel cutting thickness

1/2” Inches (0.500”)

Minimum aluminum cutting thickness

C-30 (0.013”)

Maximum aluminum steel cutting thickness

C-5/8” (0.625”)


Carbon Steel, Sainless Steek, Aluminium and Copper.

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