Profile Rolling

By exerting force on the material, it is possible to bend it and obtain a desired shape through 3-axis mechanical equipment in materials such as Tube, RHS, Angle, Profiles, Beams.

Profile Rolling Technical Information


Diameter 1”, 1 1/2” , 2” Y 2 ½”  y 3” on schedule 30 and schedule 40

Up to schedule 40


From ¾”C-14 up to 2” C-3/16”

Cal. 12 Up to 3/16”


From 1” C-1/8” up to 1 3/4” C-1/4” depends on radios.

Cal. 1/8 Up to 1/4”

* It is important to review the required diameter to be able to identify if you have the capabilities.

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